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Fun little story and rough art visual novel. Probably not a thing for everyone, but you can see the efforts the designers put into it.

Had fun with this. The writing was quite enjoyable, but the mech combat was kind of not fun, but at least its skippable. It did hamper my enjoyment of the game quite a bit when you're at the part you cant skip though. 

I loved this game! The story gets kinda crazy but the characters and dialogue are great. I also appreciated the option to skip combat :)

Not my cup of tea... But it works great.

hey is the screen supposed to go black when i'm halfway up the mountain in chapter 5 or what bc i can't see anything

Hi! I think you may be running into a bug. What OS are you playing on, and when did you download the game?

mac os, downloaded the game about 20 hours ago. after the in-game "oh no it's dark and now it's bright again" thing was happening, the combat that immediately followed i led with lianna and i couldn't see. ran off a cliff three times and decided to skip the combat hoping it would fix it, led with cass next time for on top, and still couldn't see (and couldn't run off a mountain this time either). 

Oof, I'm sorry to hear that. What version of MacOS are you running?

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