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I got this in the racial justice pack and it was one of the first games in the pack I downloaded and I Do Not regret it!! The art and story were absolutely delightful, and I absolutely love the characters! The dialogue felt real, and although the combat did get repetitive after a while, I love the concept of it. This game has had a genuine effect on me emotionally, and I just want to say thank you for making it



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Okeydoke Boomer. Though I feel like something like this judges you as much as you're judging it. Not all works are completely accessible to everyone, and no one is entitled to all works being completely accessible to them. With some works, you either have to adapt or simply admit they aren't for you. If you can't do that and you blame the creator? That makes you look silly.

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yeah honestly I didn't like the game at all


You remind me a little bit of Terry Pratchett and I mean that in a good way. If there's a type of *mancy that plays around with expectations, this is something that Pratchett excelled at. His works would often play around with high-concept yet very meaningful jokes which sort of had a life of their own and lived beyond their humour value. I feel like Extreme Meatpunks Forever is a bit like that.

It throws you into a bizarre, somewhat post-apocalyptic(?) Biopunk world of strangeness without any explanation. It treats you as though you're a resident of this world and you already understand most of what's going on. It challenges you to adapt to the craziness around you. The characters talk in something reminiscent of Millennial/Gen Z text-speak and while that might seem strange to someone today, it's not at all a stretch to think that the vocabulary of tomorrow could be formed from that culture. If nothing else, it's meant to appeal to it.

It's not meant to "make sense" in a contemporary sense because it isn't contemporary—it's an extrapolation. Good Sci-Fi does this. It's like windows on spaceships, yeah? If, for whatever reason, a Sci-Fi lacks them then people complain as they expect the setting to be familiar. Even though there are many reasons to skip having windows in spaceships. I certainly could go over all of the reasons but a cursory googlin' into a show like The Expanse would cover most of the bases.

I mean, when people think of Sci-Fi they think of anime robots or jet fighters in space. They don't really think of myrid digital life forms existing within a network of dyson spheres designed to house virtual realities as that's a much more resource efficient way of living than most others and it'd extend the life of the Universe by not having most life living in very resource inefficient ways.

A lot of people don't do well with this sort of thing though, if even one strange concept is implicitly included without a duly exasperating explanation to make it all simple and objective? They bounce off of it.

I find the questions fun and I welcomed the chance to adapt to this gay disaster world.

I think it might come from being neurodiverse, downtrodden, traumatised, dysphoric, abused, and having the introspection to recoil in existential terror at the things I've been through but I'm not shaken by something like Extreme Meatpunks Forever. To the contrary, I'm excited by it.

I'm hoping in one upcoming episode we have an Otherkin-adjacent character who identifies more as their meatmech than they do as themself, and doesn't enjoy getting out of it to interact with people as a human. I'd love that. I mean, that's how I am myself—Otherkin—and it's always wonderful to see any kind of representation for those like myself. A Universe such as this one is as good a place as any.

Just a passing hope, anyway. Thank you for a great time! I had been watching someone play this but I've now bought it myself to have a bash at it and because I want to support you.


Thank you so much for your extremely kind comment, and for supporting the game!


game is way too boring, only got up to episode 3, too much dialogue and there were LOTS of cringey parts, fighting  wise also very annoying and lacked substance. This game is not worth $10


MEATPUNKS MEATPUNKS MEATPUNKS (i loved it so much we need more gay disaster representation in games and this does it so well 🤍) ALL OR NOTHING


THIS WAS SO GOOD!!! This is the first game I've ever commented on but I just had to let everyone know that it was amazing! I loved the story and the gameplay was just challenging enough to be interesting but not too challenging that I wanted to quit (although I did say some of the words before they came on the screen because - F*CK). And the music was sick!! Loved it!! <3


Thank you for playing!! I'm so glad you enjoyed :)

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soooo gooooddd! the writing is good, I think its honest and brash but its not immature or anything that some commenters have said. the combat is a little stiff, but luckily skippable so you can get all that meaty goodness of dialogue. the music is incredible I think each character has a different instrument play the main melody for the combat music? i love little touches like that.


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Hi! I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't figure out how to transfer my save file from this game to the sequel. I'm using a Mac, and both games are installed through the Itch app. I loved season 1, and I'm very excited to play season 2 :) Thanks!

Hello! The game should automatically import your S1 save for you, as long as you played through S1 on the same computer and haven't moved the savefile.

Thanks for getting back to me! For some reason, my S1 save file was in a folder called com.Company.ProductName in my Library, so I think S2 wasn't recognizing it? I tried running S1 again, and it created a new folder in the Library with a different name, so I dragged the save file into it and now S2 likes it :)

Huh, super weird. I'm glad that fixed it!


This is a great concept, I wanna like this game so badly. But the game play is so difficult, I can't even make it past the first combat example that they give you in the tutorial. It's too hard, I've had to give up. The enemy wouldn't stay down long enough for it to make a difference, the player mech was too slow. If the first fight is this frustrating, I don't think I can make it through the rest of the game. For a game about killing fascists, it is incredibly difficult to kill a fascist. This looks like a really good game, I really wish I could play it.



I really want to like this game. I like the characters, I like the music, I like the dialogue, I love everything about it, except the gameplay. The actual combat is an unceasing slog. I can't dodge, I can't tell when an enemy is going to swing and get in first or get out of the way because my swing is the same speed and my movement is so slow. And, given that this is a game about fighting fash in meat mechs, I can't skip the parts where I fight fash in meat mechs even if it gives me the option.

I'm sorry, I really do want to appreciate this game, it's just agonizing once I actually start to play it.


I was unsure about this game, because it just seemed a bit gory for me! However, I ended up loving this game! I adored the characters, the story was fascinating, and the music was out of this world! I'm hyped for season two!



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IDK where to give QOL suggestions, but is it possible to implement a skip to end of line function for dialogues? The text moves slower than I read it. 

Hi, thank you for playing! This is a common suggestion, and one we've taken into account for the development of Season 2 (along with some other QOL updates to the dialog system, including a text log and dialog skip)! We appreciate your feedback :)


I'll just say, I'm glad this game exists.  

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