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very nice cute game

You are a wizard!! The funny dialogue and the sound effects are what makes this game. Very silly and yet a lot more serious than I thought it'd be. 

This was a nice change of pace. 

i am a little bit high and i just had the absolute best time playing this. i love you <3

Man, this ended up being a much more touching and personal experience than I thought it'd be. Loved it.

Unique music and dialogue. Very fun

I really enjoy the game!

The musics (even if there are just two x) ) and sound design which are composed by sound of mouth fit perfectly with its vibe: it sounds a bit silly at the beginning, but as you make your way through the game, it sounds serious.
I truely like it !

The silly humour is also a strong point.

I highly recommend it and the game is really short (i finished it in  ≈30 minutes, the search of all the magic orbs included)!

Thank you! :)

Mano dangol' Wizard or somethin' i dunno man !  Groovy graphics!

loved this <3 super cute and touching game. also “be normal for once” had me cackling

This was very cute, funny, and touching. Absolutely loved it!

It was really cute


i've been your butt THE WHOLE TIME

This was cute and good, thank you for making and sharing it!


thanks for making me a wizard!


No problem!! Remember to cast spells to your heart's desire!


It was fun being a dang ol wizard, and I like the ethereal deer that appear at night


Unless I missed something in my playthrough, I somehow expected more. Some jokes are fun, but some ideas are not so fresh and feel somewhat copied (yes, I loved Undertale and also like funny sorcerer stories like old Simon the Sorcerer, Discworld and Terry Pratchett´s stuff). The game feels a bit unfinished, like there was a plan to do something more with the story or plot; I don´t feel like trying to play through again and do stuff differently just to see what happens. Still, respect for bringing it to life!


this is further evidence as to why you're one of my favourite devs

Thank you!! :)


Super pleasant and nice. I love all of the details, the spell animations, (especially the gardening one! I would love more wizard gardening) the lil' night animals coming out. 

I found the text bubbles a little hard on the eyes when they flew across the screen everytime sometime talked and also scrolled into existance at the same time. The story itself was nicely built up and had me crying + laughing.  

Thanks for making this!! 


Thank you for playing!! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

(For future reference, in the pause menu, if you click the button that says "I would prefer not to get motion sickness" it disables the text bubble flying across the screen like that, and adds a couple other minor things to make the game easier on the eyes. Hope this helps!!)


I feel so accomplished from collecting all the orbs. <3 

Thanks for the thoughtful game!

i can't get the controls to work on linux, am unable to move the wizard…

Huh, that's super weird... Email me at hthrflowers@gmail with the details of your problem and I'll do what I can to fix it!! Apologies for the inconvenience!

Dear Hthr, I have come here from the times of the future! And I too have the problem above with the Linux version!

Keyboard is responsive to enter the ESC menu, but nothing I do moves the wizard! Tell me if there’s anything I can do to help debug this ok! You rock!!


Hi, thanks for your message! tbh I never figured out what caused this problem, but given the graphical glitching that went on with the prior commenter's bug report, I think it's likely an engine issue? Unfortunately, there's not a lot I can do about those. If you play the game on a different system, it should work; I'm sorry I don't have a better answer than that!


do i get something special if i get all the orbs? i got 12/13 and I'm trying to decide if I wanna replay now or wait a few days

dope game btw
made me feel a lot of feelings
i'm kinda just sitting here feeling conflicted about my exes now


Hi! Nothing happens, but you get a profound sense of accomplishment. I'm glad you enjoyed!! :)