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A short horror game. Walk around a store and collect shopping lists. Did you hear that? No, no... Probably just your imagination.

Note: This game has been remastered as part of the Heather's Halloween Horror bundle, with bugfixes, new puzzles, and creator commentary!


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Years later, I finally realized what the letters spelled out

yo wheres the download link?

Hello! This game has been remastered and included in the Heather's Halloween Horror bundle. As such, it's no longer available to download for free. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Hey man, played your little game, it was cute :D i liked the visual style, i'm a sucker for minimal. And that ending...lol wth?

Neat little game, but I don't think I ever found the bananas... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCTBZkcPyjQ

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I'm still not sure what happened here, but it was an interesting experience!


The supermarket is now the place where I go to have a good cry... Great game, thanks for the experience and I wish you luck in your future endeavors


Gave your game a go...



An original little game that I didn't find all that scary but saying that the game left me feeling confused and a little weirded out. All in all good little game.