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NOTE: Secret Spaces is still in development! As time goes on, the game will expand more and more -- right now it's just a seed, but that seed will grow over time.

Descend into the Infinite Tower, and learn something of its depths. Help the local flora overtake the environment, harvesting and growing plants to traverse the building and evade security systems from a bygone era. Find something in the dark -- some mystery, some majesty, something best left abandoned...

This game uses an in-game feedback system -- press H at any time to submit bug reports or general feedback, and your comments will go into the further construction of the game!

Update v0.4.1-alpha: NULL

  • Additions/changes
    • Added in render distance options in the pause menu for performance
      • Set render distance to NULL for a glimpse into the void
  • Secrets
    • Something changes as you go deeper into the gut of the Tower...

Update v0.4.0-alpha: Water, Light, and Seeds

  • Additions/changes
    • The game now has a proper main menu and pause menu! Both are kind of bare-bones right now, but they function!
    • The game now has seeding! Pause the game to view your seed, and send the seed to a friend to show them your world!
    • You can now change the lighting in the game, to make it more visible or more moody.
    • There's little puddles of water! They don't do much yet, but they're cute.
    • Increased chunk width and length by 25%. This leads to slightly higher computational pauses when loading new chunks, but the new environments are worth it and I'm working on getting the load time down.
  • Fixes
    • Ropevine cannot be completely destroyed anymore, fixing a bug with planting
    • Made the player hurt sound less horrifyingly loud

Update v0.3.0-alpha: The Surf's Up-Date

  • Additions/changes:
    • Made interesting terrain much more common
    • Increased fall damage over large distances
    • You can now ride floating bloomseeds which is, like, SUPER cool
    • Salvefruits now act as a sort of shield at full health -- they will block ANY amount of damage once
    • The game's first major secret is now in! Something VERY strange lies DEEP within the tower...
    • Removed security cameras for the time being. I've been rethinking certain systems, focusing more on the environment itself being the main danger. Still a work in progress.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug preventing in-game feedback from coming through
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to lose ropevine without actually planting it
    • Made planting locations slightly clearer
    • Made rope climbing slightly smoother

Update v0.2.0-alpha: The Glowing Update

  • Added two new plants to the environment -- *****brush and *****seed
    • *****brush is rare and gives you ******
    • *****seed is common and glows
  • Added more physical features to the Infinte Tower to explore
  • You can now fertilize ropevines, to make them grow faster or make them grow again
  • Context-sensitive tooltips show you what you can do, where
  • Climbing is now smoother
  • Fixed a bug where ropevine would grow through ungenerated sections
  • ******** ******* are now indifferent to you -- this will soon change

Update v0.1.1-alpha: Fixed a bug involving ropevine gathering, made a certain entity appear more often, balanced audio, updated certain controls


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