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Supermarket, and Always Been There to a lesser extent, filled me with a looming sense of dread. I figured out that it was spelling "BEHIND YOU" by the fourth grocery list, so that fucked with me. I tried turning around quickly, and the shadow that can perpetually be seen behind the player if you turn quickly actually made me jump.


Hey, I haven't played the games already, but, are you a female? Is for the name of your account. It's so great to have more female game developers on.  So kudos to you! :) (Don't worry,  I will post a comment about this package once I played and finish all of them, just wanted to post this thought of mine).


i am a bag of bugs. every time i move one of the bugs dies

Em, what?  XD


i may be a woman but i'm not a fan of the word female

over a hundred of my bug particles died while writing that

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Excuse me Mrs. Did I offend you? I'm truly sorry if I did. 

Also, I just finished 1000 years, that was... interesting to say the least, I will read the document where you got your inspiration off and the reading file the game had. I will go on with the other games as well.

Edit: God, that text is long.


is it like an assortment of bugs or a few specific kinds?


i'm mostly pillbugs but there's a couple of moths fluttering around my brain


Stop burying the lede, Heather.  Are the bugs male or female?


no, they're bugs

How do I play the other games  its only letting me play 1000 years!!!

If you're playing through the client you'll have to manually open the game folder -- the other games are in their own folders in there! :)


I really enjoyed these. Especially while playing 10000 Years I pestered my roommates every 30 seconds trying to show them what was going on in game.


I like it! Pretty short playthrough, but they were all interesting in their own ways. 10000 Years and Always Been There were definitely my favorites, although I did get a nice spook from Skyscraper and Supermarket.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks for playing :D

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[Spoilers] Can I ask what the black shape was that you could catch a glimpse of near the end of Supermarket? I didn't get a clear look but boy, did that scare the bejeebus out of me when I saw it. Full body flinch and everything


In the code of the game, it's called the Skitter. It shows up about halfway through and attaches itself to your back. By running or turning quickly, you can catch a glimpse of it, but you can never escape it. It feeds back into the core idea of the game: that there's something behind you, and there's nothing you can do about it.