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Holy fuck, this is amazing :'D It's got everything I love. Can't believe I got to have my pronouns respected while making out with beings of existential horror. I can't even decide who's my favourite, they're all so great. Though Larry for sure is the hottest... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I'm not a fan of visual novels -- I find them fanciful, predictable, and very often poorly written -- but this one's outright anarchic approach makes it more of what i can only describe as an ANTI visual novel. Nothing is idyllic or straightforward, and nobody knows what they want or how to get it. It has a message that speaks directly against the established norm for the medium and it delivers it well. Not to mention the art is grotesque, the humour is on point, the language is relatable, and the soundtrack is non-invasive and sometimes chilling. And, thankfully, unlike a lot of trans-oriented media, I don't find this to be preachy or heavy-handed. I think it communicates the psychological aspects of dysphoria with a very welcome dash of subtlety.

Also, it makes an AWESOME video thumbnail.

I'm really keen to check out the full thing. The story is too fascinating to end on a cliffhanger d:

(I wish I could speak like this out loud but while playing I could only manage a few awkward grunts...)


I did not expect much at first, but I rather enjoy this game.