A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

CLOUD NINE is an interactive music video about exploring a magical island! Bounce around on magical cubes! Explore a forest! Dive into a volcano!

Music: "Cloud Nine" by Grant Bowtie

Install instructions

WINDOWS: Download the zip, unpack, and run the executable.

MAC: Download the zip, unpack, and run the application.

LINUX: You know what to do. Probably. I hope.




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Nice, simple game with some cool music! Pretty fun!

love the island :D


Really cute!

Thank you!!! :)


Great job!!! I was bummed when it was over!


Thank you for playing!! :)


I enjoyed the scenery though it was over quicker than I expected. The music was pretty catchy too. 4/5 from me.


Thank you for playing! :)


Hi, how long will it take me to finish the game?

Hello! It's the length of the song in the game -- about three minutes and forty seconds.


What a nice way to present your music (which is awesome btw) - Are we getting more of these interactive music videos for your upcoming music? Thumbs Up!


Hello! Thank you very much :) This isn't actually my music -- it's a song from this person from a couple years back that I really like. I'm not very good at making music of my own -- that said, I've made a couple other games in this genre!

Twirl, a kinetic music game about loss

DANCE UNTIL WE DIE, a music game about the greatest rave of all time

(and I didn't create this one but it inspired me to start making music games in the first place so I feel it's fair to link it) Comforting Sounds, a music game about depression that shakes me every time I play it


Howdy Heather Robertson! 

Well keep up with doing great work! I followed him now, he makes very nice music indeed!

Thank you for the extra links to your other games and that recommended one. 

A Story can be told through many ways, but music plays the best part in it.

Thank you <3 Your standing in the world is righteous!


My favourite thing to do in Unity walkabouts is fall off the edge of the world and watch the landscape draw out and disappear.  I really loved how the ending implements this.

glad you enjoyed :)


Nice little walking game. Looks lovely, no problems and runs smoothly. Good job... :)

Thank you for playing!! :)


this was so neat!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for playing!! :)